MRM Hosting is powered by world class infrastructure. We utilize multiple redundant connections and BGP to ensure the best performance and guaranteed uptime of the network. We take many steps to make sure our customers' data is safe and sound. All of MRM Hosting's Network Operation Centers (NOCs) features high level security, raised flooring, climate-control, UPS power supply, and dire suppression system. MRM Hosting has multiple redundant connections to major backbones with industry leaders such as Aleron, Level3, Qwest, NAC and 16 other bandwidth providers. Each of our NOCs are powered by multiple OC-3 & OC-192 connections. Our NOC is equipped with Cisco routers and Dell/IBM servers. We also have in place a unique firewall to ensure server security. Because we are actually on a backbone, we are able to provide you with one of the fastest, most reliable connections available.

  99.998% Network Uptime We run BGP4

  • 99.998% Uptime Monthly Aggregate.

  • Redundant Internet Connections - Our data centre has multiple connections from different backbone providers; huge fiber connections from the largest and most trusted providers around.

  • Free 24/7 Server Monitoring - We will monitor our servers 24/7 to make sure all customer data is secure and have staff on hand.

  • Full Duplex GIG Network - Allows for maximum speed without as many bottlenecks which allows more bandwidth per line.

  • Redundant Power Supply - Reliability exceeds 99.998%. The main electrical room provides clean, consistent power via switchgear, UPS systems, multiple feeds and generator backup to ensure a consistent supply of power to the facility.

  • Environment control - Consistent temperature and humidity ranges in the Data Center are maintained by redundant cooling systems.

  • Burstable Bandwidth - We don't cap your bandwidth usage, all our network connections are 100% fully burstable.

  • Technical Support  - via tickets & email

  • Security - In additional to the on-site security staff, access is controlled by state-of-the-art identification systems, including a biometric hand scanner and card reader.