Active Network Guard™
LYPHA - Active Network GuardProtects and shields your website from Internet attacks

The number and complexity of attacks on the Internet continues to dramatically increase as sophisticated hackers continue to create new attack schemes and make the scripts widely available. The likelihood of being randomly targeted and attacked is increasing at an alarming rate. New worms, viruses, scripts and exploits try to target the unprotected and cause extensive disruption in services.

At MRM Hosting, we understand your data is important to you and understand our clients cannot afford having their website disrupted and crippled from online attacks. When you host with MRM Hosting  you can rest assure we utilize some of the most advanced network security and prevention systems in the industry. All web hosting service plans (including reseller plans) utilize Active Network Guard™ at no additional charge.

Systems we use to guard your website from various Internet attacks:

TippingPoint SystemTippingPoint® Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)
The TippingPoint, UnityOne Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) delivers the most powerful network protection in the world. The UnityOne is an in-line device that is inserted seamlessly and transparently into the network. As packets pass through the IPS, they are fully inspected to determine whether they are legitimate or malicious. This instantaneous form of protection is the most effective means of preventing attacks from ever reaching their targets. The system combines ultra-high performance with accurate, reliable protection from next generation worms, rogue applications, and attackers to deliver the most powerful network protection available, providing up-to-date protection for more than 1,000 exploits and vulnerabilities, including the three most common Internet attacks.



Did you know?
In October 2000, the Gartner Group reported that one in two small companies will be hacked by 2003. Worse, up to 60 percent of companies won't realize their security has been breached until the damage becomes obvious. How bad is obvious? In December of 1999, the FBI estimated that the average cost of a network security breach was $142,000.
ISS RealSecure® Server Sensor
The host-based, automated intrusion detection system monitors activity across computer systems and networks in real-time, allowing instant response to security breaches. RealSecure Server Sensor is designed to provide automated, real-time intrusion protection and detection by analyzing events, host logs and inbound and outbound network activity on critical enterprise servers to block malicious activity from damaging critical assets. RealSecure Server Sensor applies built-in signatures and sophisticated protocol analysis with behavioral pattern sets and automated event correlation to prevent both known and unknown attacks.


Ozone ACL Protection
A security solution that implements an access control list (ACL) on virtual local area network (VLAN) interfaces which protects against attacks through unused TCP and UDP ports. Whenever a server is accessible through the Internet, the network is open to attack. Unused applications and services created during installation of the operating system leaves TCP/UDP ports exposed, adding to that vulnerability. OZONE uses ACLs to filter out unwanted traffic through those ports, and creates a logical, intuitive mechanism for defining security policies.


Cisco® Guard XT 5650 DDoS Mitigation Appliance
With the multi-gigabit performance of the Cisco Guard XT 5650 solution, we can better protect all our customers from distributed denial-of-service attacks by performing per-flow-level attack analysis, identification, and mitigation to block specific attack traffic. The Cisco Guard XT 5650 delivers multi-gigabit performance to protect the largest enterprises from distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks by performing per-flow-level attack analysis, identification and mitigation to block specific attack traffic. Alerted by the Cisco Traffic Anomaly Detector XT or other standards-based detection solutions, the Cisco Guard XT diverts traffic destined for a targeted device (and only that traffic) and subjects it to the unique Multi-Verification Process (MVP) architecture from Cisco. The MVP architecture imposes multiple layers of defense designed to identify and block the specific packets and flows responsible for the attack while allowing legitimate transactions to pass, ensuring business continuity even while under attack.


netZentrynetZentry® FloodGuard-DDoS
netZentry has created a powerful, collaborative security technology that resets the benchmark on what true protection is. Based on the patented FloodGuard technology, the FloodGuard-DDoS product protects enterprises from crippling DDoS and SynFlood attacks that can come from anywhere and attack anywhere in the network. The device collaboration happens in real-time, from machine to machine across the network to detect attacks, verify them and mitigate them--in seconds.

Software Protection
All our web hosting servers are further protected by open source firewall and intrusion detection software which detects and blocks common Internet attacks.