Shifting Workplaces

Shifting offices can be an extremely stressful task and experience for every member of staff in the office. In many ways it is similar to moving homes but in many ways it is not. One of the positive aspects of moving offices over moving homes is that you will have a lot more people to help out with the moving process and with work delegation done correctly, you can do this as efficiently as possible. On the other hand, unlike with home moving, you will have a very little time to complete the move because every day that you spend moving or planning is a day that your staff will not be working and this means a loss for the company at a time when you will have a lot of extra and additional expenses in terms of moving.

Saving time and effort

One of the best ways to save time and effort is to plan the move well ahead of time and have a solid plan with all the work allocated to different people. As an example, you will want to allocate the responsibility for the office partition systems to one person while you allocate the interior design work of the office to another person and so on.

One way to save money in the future is to choose movable office partitions instead of the regular partitioning as this will allow you to be flexible and allow for any changes that may happen in the office during the period that you are in your new office.

If you have enough people in your staff, you may even allocate teams to work on different aspects of the moving and ask them to sort out as much of the task they have been given as possible each day as a team without forgoing their job roles or their everyday work. Have each of your staff write out a checklist of everything they have to do and try to complete as many of the things on their checklist as possible each day as a team. This will allow for most of things that need to be done to be completed by the time moving day arrives. On the day of moving, have your whole staff work together as a team and have them use as many of their personal vehicles as possible to transport smaller items to the new office in order to save on trips to and from the new office. This will not only save you a lot of time but it will save you a lot of money too.