Setting Up Your Own Printing Business

Whether it’s printing cards, or even posters to large billboards, printing will always be in great demand. This makes it a sustainable long term business that you can run without running into a decrease in demand for the service if you run it properly.


Get your printers

One of the main things you will have to look for when selecting your printers are the print quality. This will be key if you are going to have customers who are satisfied with your service. Another important aspect is economy. This refers to the amount of pages that the printer can produce with a full ink cartridge. This may be the separating factor between two printers that offer the same quality of output. Bear in mind though that certain printer model cartridges may be cheaper than others.

Choose the right price

Keeping the prices right is what will make the customers wanting to come back. One great way to promote mass printing is to offer discounted rates for things like business cards printing or wedding cards. These offers may be tempting for the customers to look to your company for mass printing. Try to price your service so that it is either similar to competing printing companies or even if you do charge more, ensure that they get a better quality of printouts.

Offer special services

If you are willing to offer special services such as customized printing which aren’t as heavily in demand, you may appeal to an additional market other than the regular customers. Such special requirements may be printing on T-shirts or mugs which cannot be done by an ordinary printer. But these printers may be expensive so make sure that you use the necessary promotion and marketing to gain exposure to large companies that may require this service in bulk.


After the regular mass printing on a daily basis your printers will most likely eventually succumb to wear and tear or even other damages. You will need to perform regular maintenance on these printers to make sure that they are running in top condition and that they have sufficient ink in their cartridges. That being said you should always have backup printers in case the one being used encounters a breakdown, in order to prevent interruption of service. When your printers do run out of ink there is the option of either refilling the cartridges or even purchasing a new cartridge, the latter being the better option.

If you follow these guidelines you should be able to run a successful printing business.