Tips On Expanding Your Business

Expanding your business may prove to be fruitful for long-term growth of the company. Before you do however here are some factors you might want to consider. Some of these tips may only be applicable to business that deal with selling products rather than offering a service and vice versa.

Purpose of expansion

There may be many reasons you would want to expand your business. You could either want to set up a new branch for your business or even sell a new product or new service. The latter would require additional work since you will have to let your customers be aware that you are providing this new service. It is important that you maintain consistency between the new branch of your business and the existing one. Things to consider are company logo, policies and even prices. If your new branch sells the same products for a higher price for instance, it could result in you losing business in your existing business.

Finding a tax haven

Locating your new building in an offshore location would prove to be a great benefit to your company profits in the long run. There are many organisations that deal with offshore company formation in dubai and it might be worth you hire these services since it is within their area of expertise and would result in a smooth, efficient setup of the business. Bear in mind though that this is not a good idea for a business that sells products, since the customers will have a hard time accessing the location. This is ideal for services such as call centres or telecommunications centres.


Opening up an additional branch or business could mean having to market the business so that your clients or customers are aware of this. There are many marketing firms that offer their pro services when it comes to effective marketing of a business. You might want to look out for a well reputed marketing firm in order to get your business up and running.

Human Resource

Setting up a new business building would mean having to recruit new personnel. If you want to maintain consistently and fluidity in the new business operation, you might want to transfer employees from the existing business to the new one since they will be well versed with the company’s procedures and policies. This would mean that you would lose employees from certain department however the impact won’t be as significant.

These tips should help you successfully expand your business and ensure that its smooth operation. However, sometimes expanding your business could bear additional responsibility for you so be prepared for the extra work load that may come with it.